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What Does The NS Mean?


Definition for NS NS means ” Non-Smoker.” This is the most common meaning for NS on online dating sites, such as Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk and, as well as in texts and on chat forums. NS.

What does 1/2 NS stand for?

Normal Saline and Half Normal Saline IV Bags The 0.9% solution may simply be called “normal saline”, abbreviated NS. The 0.45% solution may be referred to as “half normal saline” (since 0.45% is half of 0.9%) and abbreviated 1/2 NS.

What NB means?

N.B. An abbreviation for the Latin phrase nota bene, meaning “ note well.” It is used to emphasize an important point.

What does NS mean in statistics?

ns: not significant, ***: p-value <0.01. Abbreviations: ns: not significant, EF, Ejection fraction.

What does NS mean on jewelry?

NS stands for nickel silver, which is actually a copper alloy with nickel or zinc. It does not contain any actual silver and gets its name from the silvery appearance of the compound. The metal is often used as a base for silverware or jewelry and plated with a thin coating of real silver.


Why is D5NS given?

KCL in D5NS (potassium chloride in 5% dextrose and sodium chloride injection) is a prescription medicine used to as a fluid and electrolyte replenishment and caloric supply sued as a source of water, electrolytes and calories.

Is 0.45 ns hypotonic?

Sodium Chloride 0.45% Solution for Infusion is hypotonic with an osmolarity of approximately 154 mOsmol/L. Do not mix or administer Sodium Chloride 0.45% Solution for Infusion through the same administration set with whole blood or cellular blood components.

What does NB stand for in text?

NB ​Definitions and Synonyms From the Latin expression nota bene meaning ‘note well’.

What does NB mean in text message?

” Not Bad ” is the most common definition for NB on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. NB. Definition: Not Bad.

How do you write NB?

People use “N.B.” at the end of a writing (say, a letter) to add a piece of information. Equally, I find people using “P.S.” in the end of a writing (usually, a letter) to add a piece of information. Literally, “N.B.” stands for “Nota Bene” and “P.S.” for “Post Script”.

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