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What Is The Meaning Of Medical Superintendent?


Medical Superintendent means a person, by whatever name and designation he/she is called, who is a medical practitioner and is in-charge of, or is entrusted with the running of, a clinic, Hospital or Nursing Home; Sample 1.

How do I become a medical superintendent?

(Masters in Hospital Administration) or a post Graduate Degree recognized as equivalent to M.H.A. by the Medical Council of India. Experience: Ten years’ experience in Hospital Administration in Hospitals after obtaining the P.G. Degree in a senior position, preferably in hospitals with 300 beds.

What is the salary of medical superintendent?

The highest salary for a Medical Superintendent in India is ₹2,59,594 per month. The lowest salary for a Medical Superintendent in India is ₹1,27,479 per month.

Who is a Hospital superintendent?

Directing, supervising and evaluating the work activities of medical, nursing, Lab tech, pharm tech, and other Medical personnel. Plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate medical programs and clinical services in the assigned clinics.

Is medical superintendent a gazetted officer?

The Union Public Service Commission and State Public service commission are responsible for appointing gazetted doctors. Positions in the medical field like Chief Medical Officer, Regional Medical Officer, Medical officers. Etc are all positions of gazetted officers.


Is a superintendent higher than a principal?

Differences Between Principal and Superintendent Typically, a principal reports to a higher level administrator. Being a superintendent, however, requires a seven-member board to support high-level decision-making. There are also many stakeholders in the district that the superintendent must be in communication with.

What is the highest position at a hospital?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest-level management position in a hospital or hospital system. Hospital CEO’s must possess the qualifications and skills to manage and direct the complexities of a modern patient care facility.

Who is CMO in hospital?

Chief medical officer (CMO) is the title used in many countries for the senior government official designated head of medical services, sometimes at the national level. The post is held by a physician who serves to advise and lead a team of medical experts on matters of public health importance.

What is the salary of a doctor in Kenya?

Salaries for Doctors in Kenya in 2021. On average a doctor in Kenya earns between between Kshs 28,000 to Ksh. 400,000. The doctor’s salary in Kenya depends on a variety of factors including the field of practiced, the level of education, and the experience gained in the field.

Who made Nishtar Hospital?

The construction of the Nishtar Hospital block started in 1953. The basic idea and its plan were provided by Dr. M. J. Bhutta. It started functioning with 80 beds on October 1, 1953.

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