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Where Can I Publish Medical Research?


Student-run Journals

  • The American Medical Student Research Journal.
  • The British Student Doctor Journal.
  • The Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine.
  • Harvard Medical Student Review.
  • Harvard Public Health Review.
  • International Journal of Medical Students.
  • Pulse Voices.
  • Student BMJ.

How do medical students publish?

Finding time to publish as a medical student: 6 tips for success

  1. Devote 1-2 hours a week to the writing process.
  2. Determine the best type of paper you are capable of writing within your time constraints.
  3. Select a topic.
  4. Review the literature.
  5. Ask a mentor or faculty member to review your work.

How do I start a medical publication?

Whatever the focus of your journal, the steps for setting one up are similar.

  1. Identify the gap.
  2. Build a website that will home your journal.
  3. Set up an editorial board.
  4. Involve associate editors who can provide support.
  5. Call for papers.
  6. Manage your submissions.
  7. Copy-edit and type-set your articles.

How can I publish my medical research paper in India?

All manuscripts submitted for publication to the IJMR should include the following: (1) First page file; (2) Article file; (3) Tables & Figures; (4) A scanned copy of ethical clearance certificate; (5) Undertaking by authors & copyright transfer agreement. Details are given below.

Can I conduct my own research?

Though if you were to work for yourself it IS indeed possible to make a living based on your research, findings, and application. The hardest part for you though will be accreditation.

Do doctors have to publish papers?

The author maintains that a physician must publish because the knowledge is proper – ty of the entire mankind, because scientific journals offer the most reliable (medical) information, and because the process of publishing serves also as a final education of true experts.

Do publications matter for residency?

The residency ERAS application has plenty of space for things that aren’t related to scores, including: A. However, don’t forget that poster presentations, oral presentations, online articles, and/or case reports also count as research publications in ERAS that you can complete by the time you apply for residency.


How many publications do medical students have?

In my experience the competitive applicants for the competitive specialties have about 5-6 actual publications with a healthy number of abstracts and posters too. Some people are just on another level and have like 30 pubs, but that’s not necessary for any specialty.

What publications do doctors read?

5 Must-Read Medical Publications For Doctors

  • PubMed. PubMed, a medical website from the US National Library of Medicine, provides doctors with abstracts and full articles on various medical topics.
  • Medscape.
  • WebMD.
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • Practice Builders’ Blog.

Who writes BMJ?

The BMJ is a weekly peer-reviewed medical trade journal, published by the trade union the British Medical Association (BMA).

How do you get an ISSN?

To request an ISSN number, you need to contact the ISSN National Centre in charge of your country. Please access requesting-issn: – If you are located in a specific country, indicate the name of your country. indicating how to contact your National Centre.

Can anyone publish a research paper?

In theory, yes. There are no requirements that an author needs to have an academic title or education. Neither does one have to be affiliated to a university or other form or research institute.

Can you get a research paper published?

Publishing a research paper in a peer-reviewed journal is an important activity within the academic community. It’s also vital to find a suitable academic journal for your topic and writing style, so you can tailor your research paper to it and increase your chances of publication and wider recognition.

What is the cost of publishing a research paper in India?

The publication fee for online monthly journal is Rs 1750 for single author, Rs 2150 for multiple authors. The publication fee for accepted article in print journal (quarterly publication) is Rs 3000 plus Rs 500 additional for each co-author.

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