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Where Can I Get A Medical Certificate For My License?


How to get a medical certificate? A certificate will be issued once you are finish with the medical exam. Medical examinations are done from an LTO accredited or government physician and government clinics or hospitals. Usually, LTO accredited clinics are just around the vicinity of the LTO office.

Is medical certificate required for learning license?

Q. Is it compulsory to have a medical certificate for obtaining a learner’s licence? Ans. Yes, a medical certificate would be required to be produced, in case of commercial vehicle licenses.

How do I get a medical certificate 1a?

You can get a medical fitness certificate or Form 1-A either from the RTO office or from the Sarathi Parivahan website. All you need to do is take the form to a respective medical practitioner who would conduct the medical examination and then sign the medical certificate.

Can I get medical certificate online?

Clinic e-services allow customers to submit online requests regarding medical certificates or Occupational Health Cards (OHCs). They are given the appointment date immediately and can deposit the fee at the clinic. 5

How much is the medical certificate in LTO?

The important thing to look for in acquiring an medical certificate for LTO is that the medical clinic is accredited by the agency. We have listed the accredited medical clinics in Metro Manila which you can find below. As for the pricing, the LTO medical certificate fee usually costs around Php 500.


Can we give learning Licence test online at home?

NAGPUR: Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on Monday inaugurated the new system which will allow people to take a learner’s licence test from home by using an Aadhaar-based authentication mechanism. The move will ease rush at the transport department’s office, said senior officials from the city RTO.

Who can issue Form 1A for driving Licence?

A medical certificate can be issued by any government doctor or practitioner. This medical certificate has to be presented along with the other required documents to apply for a permanent driving license.

Is Form 1A mandatory?

It is mandatory for all drivers licence applicants to submit the Medical Certificate or Form 1A along with the certificate of physical fitness to the concerned authorities.

What is Form 1 A?

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE [To be filled in by a registered medical practitioner appointed for the purpose by the State Government or person authorised in this behalf by the State Government referred to under sub-section (3) of Section 8.] 1.

What is needed for medical certificate?

In order to be considered valid, documentation of a medical certificate must include: Being in the form of an official, original & hard copy document. The name and address of the practitioner issuing the certificate clearly stated. Date the certificate is written and signed by the practitioner.

Is a doctor’s note a medical certificate?

A medical certificate or doctor’s certificate is a written statement from a physician or another medically qualified health care provider which attests to the result of a medical examination of a patient. It can serve as a sick note (documentation that an employee is unfit for work) or evidence of a health condition.

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