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Who Can Issue Medical Certificate For Driving License In Mumbai?


Answer 2: A medical certificate can be issued by any government doctor or practitioner. This medical certificate has to be presented along with the other required documents to apply for a permanent driving license.

Is medical certificate required for driving license in Maharashtra?

Documents Required for Learner License in Maharashtra Completely filled Form 1 (physical fitness declaration) and Form 1 A, a medical certificate to be provided by a certified medical practitioner, in case of Learners License application for heavy & transport vehicles and for candidates aged above 50 years.

Can any doctor issue medical certificate?

Practitioners may only sign medical certificates they believe, to be completely accurate. This means the medical certificate must be based on facts known to the doctor. Many doctors require a consultation before providing a medical certificate to certify they are signing off on the correct information.

Who can issue Form 1 A?

who can issue medical certificate form 1a for driving license? There is Two way for issue medical certificate first, You obtain a form 1a from the vendor sitting outside RTO or Nearby RTO Office. Go to the office of the CMO(Chief Medical Officer), the chief medical officer by govt. Doctor.

Can we give learning Licence test online at home?

NAGPUR: Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on Monday inaugurated the new system which will allow people to take a learner’s licence test from home by using an Aadhaar-based authentication mechanism. The move will ease rush at the transport department’s office, said senior officials from the city RTO.


Can I get medical certificate online?

Clinic e-services allow customers to submit online requests regarding medical certificates or Occupational Health Cards (OHCs). They are given the appointment date immediately and can deposit the fee at the clinic. 5

What is written in medical certificate?

In general, the certificate should include: The name and address of the doctor and the patient. The name and address of the party requiring the certificate (if required), such as an employer or school administrator. The specific period of time off work that is medically justifiable.

How can I get medical certificate?

Medical Certificate Contents

  1. Name and address of the patient.
  2. Name and address of the doctor/ medical practitioner.
  3. The exact period of leave/time off that is medically justifiable.
  4. Nature/ degree of incapacitation/ injury/ illness.
  5. Date of medical diagnosis and the date of issue of the certificate.

Is Form 1A mandatory for all?

It is mandatory for all drivers licence applicants to submit the Medical Certificate or Form 1A along with the certificate of physical fitness to the concerned authorities.

How do I fill out Form 1 A?

How to fill RTO Form 1A Application?

  1. Attach your recent passport size photograph at the top right-hand corner of the application.
  2. Point 3 consist of a set of declarations verifying that the candidate is fit to drive on roads.

What does a Form 1 mean?

A Form 1 is a legal tool completed by a physician that allows a person to be detained at a hospital for up to 72 hours so that their mental health can be examined. In order to be placed on a Form 1, a person must meet certain criteria under the Mental Health Act.

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