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Which MBBS College Can I Get With 400 Marks In NEET?


in which college can i get admission for 400 marks in neet

  • BVDU Medical College, Pune.
  • Dr DY Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai.
  • Yenepoya Medical College.
  • MGM Medical College, Aurangabad.

Can I get private medical college with 400 marks?

Hello Dear, Yes, definitely you can get admission in a private medical with a score of 370-400. Just attend the counselling.

Can I get MBBS seat with 400 marks NEET 2021?

With a score of 400 in the NEET Exam, you can get an MBBS seat, However, you need 400+ marks to get admission into a government medical college. As per the updated NEET exam pattern 2021, the total number of questions is going to be 200 out of which candidates need to answer 180 questions.

Can I get MBBS with 300 marks in NEET 2020?

Yes, you can get private medical college with 300 marks.

Can I get veterinary with 400 marks in NEET?

According to your expected score in NEET 2019 you have a decent chance to get admission in vetrinary colleges under NEET. As the cutoff for veterinary colleges under NEET are 350 and above so if your score is as expected then you wil surely get into it.

Can I get MBBS with 450 marks in NEET?

To get a government seat one must score above 525. With 450 you can get in to a private college. As your NEET score is 450. Your Overall Percentile is: 93.39 – 93.89 and when it comes to rank, your Predicted Rank is:89930 – 107080.


Is 480 a good score in NEET 2019?

So answer to your question There is a CHANCE of getting a govt medical seat only if you score more than 500. But if you reach somewhere more than 520, you’ll definitely get a seat. So, this score might not get you a seat in government colleges but you can surely get a seat private ones.

Can I get MBBS with 400 marks in NEET OBC?

As per last year’s cutoff for OBC category, candidate’s who scored marks above 540 were able to get government medical seat through state level quota. Sorry to say but 400 is very low score for an OBC candidate to get government medical seat.

Can I get MBBS seat with 500 marks NEET 2021?

Scoring 500 and above in NEET 2021 will secure a seat for you in a medical college. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the only medical entrance test for undergraduate admissions in India. To get into a medical college through NEET, a candidate needs to score at least 500 marks out of 720.

Is NEET 600 a good score?

Also, a good score in NEET will vary from individual to individual and their preferences. However, if you are aiming for admissions through the state-level quota, a score of 550 in NEET 2021 will be considered good. Also, medical aspirants aiming for topmost medical colleges will require a 600+ score in NEET 2021.

Is NEET 400 a good score?

Yes, 400 is considered a good score in the NEET exam. With a 400 score, there are chances that you may make it to government medical college.

Is 700 a good score in NEET?

You know for 700 marks you need to score between 170-180 in physics which means you need to correct 43-45 questions from 45 questions.

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